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Holiday Activity Kit

Copyright ©SV Bosak. All rights reserved.

This free edition of the Holiday Activity Kit (and other educational materials and activity kits which are part of the Legacy Project) may be viewed and printed from www.legacyproject.org at no charge for educational purposes and personal use.

Permission is hereby granted to make a reasonable number of copies for personal use (i.e. not for resale) of sample forms, tables, certificates, information and activity sheets provided for reproduction purposes. Notice of source (www.legacyproject.org) must appear on all copies.


You can view and print this free online edition of the Holiday Activity Kit by scrolling down this screen and clicking on a section. Each section or just portions can be printed directly from the screen, and you can click on links (i.e. words which are underlined) when they appear.


Peace on Earth, Good Will to All

Violence, War, Terrorism
A Brief Historical and Cultural Context
Is Violence Inevitable?
Getting Underneath Violence
Conflict As Positive
Waging Peace
So, Now What?
From World Peace to Family Peace
Peace and Aging
Holiday Miracles
Your Next Steps This Holiday

The Magic of Traditions & Rituals

Traditions, Rituals, and Families
The Meaning of Tradition and Ritual
Benefits Big and Small
Where Do You Find the Time?
Getting Started
Simple Things
The Holiday Season in a Historical and Cultural Context
Holiday Highs and Lows
Holiday Hints

Power of Age

Fast Facts on Aging
"Good" or "Bad"?
Build on the Possible
The Oldest Worker in America


Start With Story: Reading A Little Something

Simple Rituals
Keepsake Connections
I Opened the Cedar Chest and Inside I Found...
Kitchen Memories

Memories & Traditions

One World, Many Traditions
Holidays Then & Now
Mini Christmas Tree
Celebrate with the Animals
Family Stars
Family Christmas Crackers
Draw the Memory
Family Memories Quiz Bowl
Find the Candy Cane
Spin the Dreidel
Smells Great!
Bake It, Decorate It
Instant Ice Cream
Ice Cream Party
Family Handshakes
TV Time
Calming Rituals
Time to Remember
Top 10 Favorite Things
Family Growth Chart
Celebrate Past and Future

Crafts & Keepsake Gifts

3-D Snow Buddy Card
It's a Print and a Wrap
Stained Glass Ornament
Hand Wreath
Hand Me a Napkin, Please
Festive Napkin Rings
Patchwork Placemat
Season of Lights
Homemade Soaps
Weather Worm
Reindeer Food
Cookie Mix Memories
Chocolate Strawberries from the Heart
Two Essential Words

Scrapbooking & Other Photo Fun

Senior Scrapping
The Day Everything Changed
Preserving Your Family Traditions
Preserving Your Family Keepsakes
Holiday Meal Memories
Calendar of Memories
My Book of Memories
Holiday Hunt
3-D Photo Ornament
Folded Photo Wreath

Storytelling for Hope

Fill-in-the-Blanks Life Story
Big Picture Stories
What Would You Change?
Did You Ever...?
Keepsakes to Reminisce By
Circle Story
Conflict Stories
Shadow Stories
The Story Your Handwriting Tells
Holiday Reading Basket

Peace Building

Intergenerational Peace Chain
Balloon Cooperation
Toothpick Togetherness
Conflict Web
Everyone Has Their Own Perspective
An Emotional Alphabet
Red Flags
Magic Words
Conflict Cards
Conflict Comics
Peace Place
Toy Makeover
Conflict Jar
Peace Award Certificate
The Gift of Peace


A Legacy of Peace

Organizations & Websites (Intergenerational Relationships, Older Adults, Peace Education, Family, Holidays, Gifts & Keepsakes)

Books for Adults (Intergenerational Relationships, Older Adults, Peace Education, Family, Storytelling, Holidays, Traditions, Gifts & Keepsakes)

Storybooks to Share with Children (Intergenerational Relationships, Older Adults, Peace Education, Family, Holidays, Traditions, Gifts & Keepsakes)

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