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Do you have what it takes to become a millionaire?

The award-winning bestseller Dream is about hopes and dreams across a lifetime. Many people dream of becoming a millionaire -- maybe even a billionaire! But do you have what it takes? Here's a 10-question quiz that will reveal if you have the millionaire mindset. You may discover something surprising about yourself and your potential.

The quiz is provided courtesy of the television program Venture. Venture teamed up with the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business to identify the traits of successful entrepreneurs. Led by the School's dean, Daniel Muzyka, a small team of professors and researchers poured through journals, studies, and research papers dating back to the early 1980s. They came up with a list of those characteristics identified as the most important. Then the Venture team worked with the Sauder School to design questions -- ten scenarios -- to see if you share the characteristics of the successful entrepreneur.

If you do well on the quiz, you could be on your way to joining that elite group known as the richest people in the world. According to a recent article from Forbes, there are over 1,800 billionaires around the globe. At the top of the list, as he has been for 17 of the past 22 years, is Microsoft founder Bill Gates, worth over $75 billion. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is on the list, as is Amazon's Jeff Bezos. A billionaire from China's mainland, Wang Jianlin, whose company owns AMC Theaters and soon will own Legendary Pictures, has climbed into the top 20. The youngest billionaire in the world is a 19-year-old Norwegian heiress, Alexandra Andresen, who has a 42% stake in her family's business. Her sister Katharina is second youngest, just 20. The U.S. has 540 billionaires, more than any other country in the world. It's followed by mainland China with 251 (Hong Kong has another 69) and Germany with 120. For more information, visit www.forbes.com/billionaires.

Back to the quiz... It dispels some of the stereotypes about self-made millionaires and allows you to better understand what it takes -- and whether you have it. There are no guarantees, and don't forget the L factor -- luck.

For each question, choose the answer that best describes you and jot down the letter. The more correct answers you choose, the closer you are to that millionaire mindset.

Here are the questions...


Your great invention, the better mousetrap, isn't selling. You and your bank account are drained. What do you do?
A) Pack it in, and get a job with a salary
B) Pack it in, and start looking for another business opportunity
C) Stick with it, there's bound to be a big order coming soon


Uncle Bart has left you $100,000. What do you do with it?
A) Head for the nearest casino
B) Ask a reputable broker to recommend a great stock and invest it all
C) Pay off your debts
D) Use half to pay off debts, invest the other half


A colleague tells you they overheard the boss talking, and you're about to be fired. How do you feel?
A) Paralyzed with horror
B) Fine -- what will be, will be
C) Happy -- maybe you'll get a big severance package


It's a sunny day, and plenty of people are passing by, but your yard sale isn't going well. What are you most likely to say?
A) People are so cheap these days
B) Maybe I should have taken more time advertising my sale and making it look good
C) There must be something big going on down the street


In your travels abroad, you find a hot new product you've never seen here. What do you do?
A) Buy one for yourself
B) Buy some for friends and family
C) Buy some, and get the name of the supplier -- maybe you can import them


What motivates you? 
A) Wanting to be a success
B) Making lots of money
C) Doing something you love and care about
D) Fear of the boss


You're given a big assignment at work. The deadline is fast approaching. What do you do?
A) Call in sick
B) Find some colleagues who can help
C) Slug it out on your own, because it's easier if you just do it yourself


You've invited your friends over to watch the big game. Just as they're about to arrive, you discover your TV is on the fritz. What do you do? 
A) Try to fix the TV
B) As guests arrive, tell them the party's over, go home
C) Turn on the radio and order pizza


Your new apartment is dull and dingy. It badly needs a paint-job. Do you: 
A) Dim the lights and live with it -- décor is trivial
B) Convince the landlord to buy the paint, then organize a painting party with your friends
C) Tell the landlord you won't pay rent until he fixes it


You've been up since dawn and the sun set a long time ago. But you're still working on your dream idea. How do you feel?
A) Exhausted
B) Tired but satisfied
C) Fine -- what's next? anybody for a midnight swim?

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