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Here are the correct answers for the Millionaire Quiz:


Your great invention, the better mousetrap, isn't selling. You and your bank account are drained. What do you do?
A) Pack it in, and get a job with a salary
B) Pack it in, and start looking for another business opportunity
C) Stick with it, there's bound to be a big order coming soon

Successful entrepreneurs HATE to fail, but they know when it's time to chalk it up to experience and move on -- to the next opportunity.


Uncle Bart has left you $100,000. What do you do with it?
A) Head for the nearest casino
B) Ask a reputable broker to recommend a great stock and invest it all
C) Pay off your debts
D) Use half to pay off debts, invest the other half

Contrary to the popular image, successful entrepreneurs are not cowboys who love to take risks! They are often, in fact, very conservative in how they make decisions.


A colleague tells you they overheard the boss talking, and you're about to be fired. How do you feel?
A) Paralyzed with horror
B) Fine -- what will be, will be
C) Happy -- maybe you'll get a big severance package

The answer is either B or C. Many successful entrepreneurs have been fired at some point -- some have even tried to get fired. If you're really worried about losing a paycheck, you're likely not suited to the entrepreneur's lifestyle.


It's a sunny day, and plenty of people are passing by, but your yard sale isn't going well. What are you most likely to say?
A) People are so cheap these days
B) Maybe I should have taken more time advertising my sale and making it look good
C) There must be something big going on down the street

Successful entrepreneurs don't blame others. They're more likely to take responsibility for both their successes and failures.


In your travels abroad, you find a hot new product you've never seen here. What do you do?
A) Buy one for yourself
B) Buy some for friends and family
C) Buy some, and get the name of the supplier -- maybe you can import them

Self-made millionaires have an eye for opportunity. And they're eager to jump on it.


What motivates you? 
A) Wanting to be a success
B) Making lots of money
C) Doing something you love and care about
D) Fear of the boss

You would actually get a lot of different answers on this -- some entrepreneurs want money more than anything, some are driven by passion. The point is: however they define success, that's ultimately what they're striving for and what motivates them.


You're given a big assignment at work. The deadline is fast approaching. What do you do?
A) Call in sick
B) Find some colleagues who can help
C) Slug it out on your own, because it's easier if you just do it yourself

Entrepreneurs do like to be in control, but often succeed only when they assemble a strong team and share responsibilities with them.


You've invited your friends over to watch the big game. Just as they're about to arrive, you discover your TV is on the fritz. What do you do? 
A) Try to fix the TV
B) As guests arrive, tell them the party's over, go home
C) Turn on the radio and order pizza

Successful entrepreneurs are adaptable. They figure out a way to adapt to unpredictable situations.


Your new apartment is dull and dingy. It badly needs a paint-job. Do you: 
A) Dim the lights and live with it -- décor is trivial
B) Convince the landlord to buy the paint, then organize a painting party with your friends
C) Tell the landlord you won't pay rent until he fixes it

Successful entrepreneurs prefer to reduce their exposure to risks. They get other people to put their time and money on the line, whenever possible.


You've been up since dawn and the sun set a long time ago. But you're still working on your dream idea. How do you feel?
A) Exhausted
B) Tired but satisfied
C) Fine -- what's next? anybody for a midnight swim?

All successful entrepreneurs are like certain bunnies with batteries. You could say they're workaholics. They're often described as running on a motor that never stops.

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