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It's time for meaningful new ways of being and doing – for bold thinking and action as we face complex challenges.

Generations in Markham, Ontario are co-creating the first 7-Generation City, learning from the past and looking to the future to thrive in the present.

As all ages come together to support mutual wellbeing and making a difference, this is about YOU – Young and Old United in 1 world with more than 7 billion people across 7 generations (YOU 177).

What really matters to you? 7-Generation Markham is an opportunity for spirited citizens of all ages who care.


The 7-Generation initiative is starting in Markham and rippling out globally at an important moment in time.

The Legacy Project has brought together a big-picture community collaborative that includes the City of Markham, Markham Public Library, Social Services Network, and York University.

Young and Old The 7-Generation initiative is rooted in an Indigenous concept of long-term thinking across seven generations, while at the same time reflects the modern context of a historic demographic shift to more living generations. For the first time ever, you are likely to personally know seven generations in your family and/or community: your own generation; three before you (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents); and three after you (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren). There is comfort, insight, and power in this ability to connect more generations than ever before.

Anthropologist Margaret Mead found that these kinds of connections between generations are "essential for the mental health and stability of nations."


Through 7-Generation Markham, generations, together with community leaders, are exploring and taking action around seven broad themes:

Intergenerational Activities There are plenty of opportunities to inspire both your own wellbeing and make a difference in the community: virtual events with all ages and backgrounds as well as guests from around the world; learning experiences; contests; sharing reading and books; story workshops; Warm Data labs (a process that connects people and perspectives in new ways); and even legacy projects to make a lasting impact locally and globally. Starting soon is the Talk With Ethan discussion series.

7-Generation Sensemaking You can also share stories as a community sensemaker – also known as a Citizen HJP (Historian-Journalist-Philosopher connecting past, present, and future). In these uncertain times, a lot of things don't make sense anymore. It's vitally important to help people connect the dots and make new sense – so that we can act in ways that make good sense. Using the SenseMaker approach developed by the Cynefin Centre in the UK, your life story can be connected to the stories of other lives/life on the planet in the even bigger context of lifetimes across generations. Together, we can #ChangeTheStory for our own wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of our families and local/global community.


Check out the exciting things happening as part of 7-Generation Markham. To get on the e-mail list or ask questions, e-mail the Legacy Project or call us at (905) 852-3777.

Talk With Ethan Diane, 84, is ready to talk with Ethan, 16 – check out the video. Are you? Ethan is inviting all generations to join him in a series of virtual discussions for his Global Leadership Project. What do we do when the future is so uncertain? E-mail to sign up for more info on the Talk With Ethan series