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The Legacy Project is a Toronto-based research, education, and innovation group. Two decades of research and development have led to the 7-Generation work in the Greater Tkaronto Bioregion (GTB). This is deep systems complexity work, using intergenerational and place-based dynamics, for social regeneration (generations in community) and ecological regeneration (community in bioregion). We're interconnecting people, projects, and places to each other for shared purpose, facilitating collective learning, fostering collaborations for systemic impact, and embodying processes and structures that build community resilience.


We have a number of upcoming sessions and learning opportunities. Check back to see new postings. Here are all our current free events:

7-Generation GTB Meetup
Virtual Zoom event
For: All
Saturday, June 10, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm EDT

Generations are coming together to #ChangeTheStory of being and doing in the place we live – the Greater Tkaronto Bioregion (GTB). This event follows on a series of talks Joe Brewer gave in the GTB; the GTB is part of the global bioregional regeneration network he's establishing. This is the first of a regular series of 7-Generation GTB Meetups. It's a chance to get to know each other across the GTB and to sensemake. During the Meetup, we'll provide updates on the 7-Generation GTB work and how you can be involved. You can share what you're up to. And we'll all explore some of the big questions – ranging from wellbeing and livelihoods to food forests and Indigenous knowledge. Click here for more info and registration.

Exploring the Earth Charter
For: All
TBA, virtual session

The principles of the Earth Charter underly the 7-Generation GTB work. Find out more about them and how we can apply them. If you're interested in being included on the invitation list, e-mail us.

Prosocial Principles
For: All
TBA, virtual session

Collaboration and new forms of commons governance are essential in the current complexity, and yet it's a challenge in today's fragmented, time-pressured world. We'll explore Prosocial Principles, and new ways of organizing and governing to create common good. Prosocial Principles draw on the Nobel Prize-winning work of Elinor Ostrom. If you're interested in being included on the invitation list, e-mail us.

Elderhood to Ancestorhood with Dr. Peter Whitehouse
For: Adults of all ages
TBA, virtual session

What if we're all elders-in-training and our ultimate goal is to be a good ancestor? As part of the Legacy Project's Be An Elder stream, this session features Dr. Peter Whitehouse, Founder of The Intergenerational School in Cleveland, OH. The Cleveland area is also organizing bioregionally, and this is an opportunity for bioregions to learn from each other. If you're interested in being included on the invitation list, e-mail us.

Embodying Our Place
For: All
TBA, virtual session

I live in the GTB! How can we better understand and feel into our place, the Greater Tkaronto Bioregion? Seeing and speaking for our local land, rivers, and lakes brings a powerful new perspective to activities. It helps us see beyond our own life story into the story of lifetimes across generations, in a complex ecological, cultural, and historical context. If you're interested in being included on the invitation list, e-mail us.

Note that in-person events will take place in a well-ventilated space and all those in attendance will be asked to wear a mask to protect everyone participating.

There is no cost to attend any of these events.

Questions? E-mail the Legacy Project, or contact Brian Puppa, Executive Director at the Legacy Project, at (905) 852-3777.