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Don't judge this book by its cover! This isn't just kid stuff. Illustrated stories speak to the visual age we live in, and they're accessible to all ages and abilities. Young and old in Whitchurch-Stouffville can start dreaming bigger by sharing and discussing the award-winning book Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes, written by local author and educator Susan V. Bosak and illustrated by 15 top artists from around the world.

One Town, One Book is being led by the Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library with the Legacy Project, a research and education group, as part of Generations Dream. “One book programs are a unique way to turn the personal experience of reading into a shared one by encouraging everyone in a community to read and discuss the same book at the same time,” says WS Public Library CEO Carolyn Nordheimer James.

Hope is a universal human need – you're never too young or too old to dream. Dream is a story about hope – hopes and dreams across a lifetime, through history, and into the future. Today's dream, whether fulfilled or unfulfilled, becomes tomorrow's legacy.

Dream is told by a wise old star, an elder grandparent/mentor figure. The old star takes you on a colourful, whirlwind journey. The story is simple enough for the youngest child who can understand making a wish on a star, but with sophisticated layers of meaning that also engage adults.

The book has won 11 national awards, including an International Reading Association Children's Choice (10,000 students read and vote on the books they like best), a Teachers' Choice, an iParenting Award, a Visionary Award, and the Pinnacle Award as Best Gift Book.

WS One Town, One Book is the first step in the WS YOU 177 community-wide journey. All generations can discuss the book and their dreams. Here are ideas for doing an intergenerational reading of Dream in your family or group. And there are plenty of intergenerational activities you can do.

WS One Town, One Book will run over the next year. There are three important and easy ways you can participate – read the book Dream, create your Dream Star, and share your selfie…

WSP Library Letter

Read a letter to the community from Carolyn Nordheimer James, CEO, Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library


Read and discuss – with all ages! – the award-winning book Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes, by Susan V. Bosak. You're never too young or too old to dream!

Says The Bloomsbury Review, "This elegant book depicts the journey of life – from infancy to older adulthood – highlighting all the hopes and dreams found along the way... Inspirational quotes from people such as Martin Luther King Jr, Sir Edmund Hillary, and Emily Dickinson are set alongside gorgeous illustrations by 15 internationally acclaimed artists. Richly crafted and thoughtfully written, Dream is a dazzling project that challenges you to find a dream and follow it."


Create your Dream Star. Stop by the WS Public Library to get a blank star, or download this template based on the star on the cover of Dream, or you can even make your own star. On the BACK of the Dream Star, print your personal dream – what do you want to be, do, learn, experience?

On the FRONT, print your first name, age, and dream for your life in our community – what do you value and think is important? Use a black marker so that your dream is easily readable. Decorate your Dream Star in any way you wish to reflect your unique personality.

Dream Star

Send us your selfie photo, featuring you and your COMMUNITY Dream Star. You can e-mail the photo to us, or use Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with #WSDreams. Make sure you upload the highest resolution photo possible. If you need help taking and posting your photo, drop by the WS Public Library.

Bring your Dream Star to the Library so that we can hang it up. Our dream? To fill the Library with Dream Stars from every child, youth, adult, and elder in Whitchurch-Stouffville – all 45,000 of you! Tell your friends, your neighbours, everyone you know to share their dream.

And when you visit the Library, don't forget to sign the GIANT Dream Star on the wall to help build a stronger Whitchurch-Stouffville.

Check out the WS One Town, One Book News & Events. Keep up-to-date on everything happening with WS YOU 177 – follow the Legacy Project on Twitter and sign up for our e-newsletter.

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