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Science Activities

"If science is a topic of general interest and concern -- if both its delights and its social consequences are discussed regularly and competently in the schools, the press, and at the dinner table -- we have greatly improved our prospects for learning how the world really is and for improving both it and us."

Carl Sagan

The Communication Project headed an eight-year science research project in cooperation with the national Youth Science Foundation. It involved educators, parents, youth leaders, children and a review of over 1,000 science resources. Our goal is to encourage scientific literacy for both children and adults. Together with Scholastic, we've published the most comprehensive science activity book available -- the #1, all-in-one resource. Science Is... has become a classic. And, it's recently been completely updated!

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Science Is...

Parents, Grandparents, and Youth Leaders: With Science Is..., children have fun while they learn by doing. Scientific information and thinking skills are critical in the 21st century. Unfortunately, many children get "turned off" science because they aren't encouraged in this area. From outdoor explorations to kitchen experiments to science fair project ideas, this is a book you'll turn to again and again. Click here for more information, excerpts, and sample activities.

Classroom Teachers and University Professors: Science Is... supports and enriches any curriculum, and activities match with the National Science Education Standards. Activities are easily adaptable from elementary to high school grades. The book is being used in thousands of classrooms, and in science education methods courses at more than 200 universities. Student teachers consistently report this book as one of their best purchases, one they carry with them into their teaching career. Click here for more information, excerpts, and sample activities.