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Susan V. Bosak

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Workshops/Keynotes with Susan V. Bosak


Susan V. Bosak is thought-provoking, evocative, and real. She's a big-picture thinker and a popular speaker who shares both her head and her heart in workshops and keynote presentations for all ages. Susan creates lasting impact with her words, work, and life.

Keynotes that Hit the Right Note

Keynotes with Legacy Project Co-Founder Susan V. Bosak

Susan Bosak's grandmother taught her to always think before she speaks. As a result, when Susan does speak, it's both thoughtful and thought-provoking. She's authentic. She can also be funny, poignant, and inspirational. In short, she knows the right ingredients for an effective keynote.

Susan V. Bosak is a popular speaker, in addition to being Co-Founder of the Legacy Project, a social researcher and changemaker, educator and bestselling author. She led the development of the YOU 177 global innovation initiative.

With 20 years of experience, Susan connects with people one-on-one, and in groups large and small. She believes that stories reach and teach all ages, so she often skillfully springboards her keynotes and presentations from her bestsellers Dream and A Little Something.

Susan customizes every keynote to her audience. General keynote topics include:

  • How You Can Help Build a 7-Generation World (YOU 177 global initiative)

  • Dream Bigger, Create Legacy

  • Beyond the McMoment: From the Transient to the Timeless

  • Believe, Do, Think

  • LifeDreams: How to Connect – or Reconnect – with Your Dreams and Goals

  • Making a Living, Making a Difference: The Business of Social Ventures

  • A Little Something to Remember Me By: Living Your Family Legacy

  • Creating Tomorrow: Giving Children Hope in Uncertain Times

  • Time Teachers: A New Community Role for People with Dementia

  • The Power of Age: Finding It, Using It, Celebrating It

For more information on keynotes and presentations with Susan V. Bosak, contact Brian Puppa, Legacy Project, at 1-800-772-7765 or by e-mail.

Workshops that Inform and Inspire

Workshops with researcher, educator, bestselling author Susan V. Bosak

Educator, researcher, author, and Legacy Project Co-Founder Susan V. Bosak is
the Legacy Project's most popular speaker. She leads a variety of workshops, including workshops
at the Legacy Center and the Dream Bigger, Create Legacy workshop as part of the YOU 177 global initiative (which can also take place at your site).

As Susan travels across the country, she does a lot of conference presentations and professional development workshops with educators. She consistently gets enthusiastic reviews as "one of the best speakers we've brought in." Her workshops combine practical information with inspiration in areas from literacy to systems thinking, all based on a unique LegacyCubed perspective.

Recent comments from teachers about the Legacy Project's workshops: "wonderful learning tools for literacy and life"; "you can tell Susan is passionate about what she does – you feel the energy in the room"; "LegacyCubed is a great way to bring the big picture into your classroom"; and "enough ideas and inspiration for the rest of this school year and the next."

Susan combines practical, classroom-tested ideas with research-based insights, and mixes in some fun and inspiration. She has spoken at educational conferences across the country, and has been interviewed on radio and TV, including Weekend Today in New York. She can speak to large and small groups, teachers and support staff.

Many of Susan's PD education workshops are inspired by her award-winning bestseller Dream. She can tailor the workshop to your needs and goals, including making cross-curricular connections. The Dream book is being used by teachers from elementary to high school who work in areas like language arts (the book supports the Standards for the English Language Arts), social studies (the book supports the NCSS Standards for helping students understand themselves and the world around them – individual development and identity, time, continuity, change, society/culture), character education, counseling, family/life studies, art, and gifted and ESL programs.

From a motivational reading of Dream that can re-energize teachers and help them connect with their teaching goals to practical tips to help "make teaching a dream," Susan encourages teachers to see beyond "what is" to "what can be."

"I want teachers to understand where they are and build on that," says Susan. "They need to investigate their own questions, live and experiment with their answers, and pose new questions to keep growing as individuals and as professionals. In a truly effective workshop experience, teachers need to create satisfying connections between educational goals and the immediate experience of their classroom and who they are."

As part of a professional development workshop, we can make the Dream book available at a quantity discount. Many schools/districts make Dream a year-long theme. Every teacher can get a copy of the book as personal inspiration and as a resource in their classroom. A PD workshop can also be supported by a school presentation with students.

Susan has also recently completed a 3-hour How To Teach Literacy Like a Dream DVD PD video. It includes classroom-tested ideas for student text and visual literacy along with life planning and goal setting. You can use the DVD to preview the workshop, or view it with a group during your own professional development session.

Susan travels across the US and Canada. For more information on scheduling a workshop or presentation with Susan, contact Brian Puppa at 1-800-772-7765 or by e-mail.

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