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Grandparenting, Mentoring, Intergenerational, and Legacy Websites & Organizations

www.aarp.org. AARP. 601 E Street NW, Washington, DC 20049, (202) 434-2277 or (800) 424-3410. The largest organization for people age 50 and older. It offers resources, membership benefits, publications, and a Grandparent Information Center for grandparents raising grandchildren.

www.ancientfaces.com. An online photo website dedicated to connecting families with their legacies. Includes photos, family stories, and recipes.

www.chinaberry.com. Chinaberry Catalog. 2780 Via Orange Way, Spring Valley, CA 91978, (800) 776-2242. A great source for books and other treasures for the whole family. They carefully review and select every book they carry.

www.cyberparent.com/gran. A website that includes articles of interest to grandparents, a discussion group, tips, and activity ideas.

www.cyndislist.com. A great genealogy site that has over 40,000 categorized links to other sites and answers to frequently asked questions.

www.elderhostel.org. Elderhostel. 11 Avenue de Lafayette, Boston, MA 02111-1746, (877) 426-8056 or (978) 323-4141. A non-profit organization that offers high-quality, affordable, educational adventures for adults who are 55 and older. They also offer unique intergenerational programs for grandparents and grandchildren.

www.experiencecorps.org. Experience Corps. Civic Ventures, 425 Second St, Suite 601, San Francisco, CA 94107, (415) 430-0141. A national program started in 1995 that mobilizes the time, talent, and experience of older adults in service to the community. It provides local schools and youth-serving organizations with caring older adults who can work directly with children, tutoring and mentoring.

www.familysearch.org. The largest family history website. Includes step-by-step research guidance and links to other sites with family history information.

www.grandboomers.com. A website especially for baby boomer grandparents.

www.grandparenting.org. Foundation for Grandparenting. 108 Farnham Rd, Ojai, CA 93023. Founded by grandparenting pioneer Arthur Kornhaber. It provides education, information, and networking.

www.grandparentsedge.com. A website for and about grandparents with the goal of helping families stay connected.

www.grandparentsintl.com. Ideas and links to bring grandparents and grandchildren closer together.

www.grandparents-day.com. Learn about and celebrate National Grandparents Day in September. Site includes activities and contests.

www.grandparentworld.com. This website includes free e-mail accounts, links, and information to help generations stay connected.

www.gt.pitt.edu. Generations Together. University Center for Social and Urban Research, University of Pittsburgh, 121 University Place, Suite 300, Pittsburgh, PA 15260-5907, (412) 648-7150. Promotes interaction between young and old through community outreach, education, and research. It has an extensive library and offers a number of publications on intergenerational programming.

www.gu.org. Generations United. 122 C Street NW, Suite 820, Washington, DC 20001, (202) 638-1263. The premier national organization promoting intergenerational strategies, programs, and policies. It is a coalition of over 100 organizations, and offers a number of publications and a newsletter.

www.intergenugo.org. United Generations Ontario. 1185 Eglinton Ave E, Suite 604B, Toronto, Ontario, M3C 3C6, Canada, (416) 426-7115. An umbrella organization that offers Canadian information on intergenerational resources, programs, and policies.

www.memorymakersmagazine.com. Memory Makers magazine. 12365 Huron St, Suite 500, Denver, CO 80234-3438, (303) 452-0048 or (800) 366-6465. The Exclusive Scrapbook Partner for the Something to Remember Me By Legacy Project. Great ideas and expert information for people who believe in keeping the tradition of the family photo historian alive. They also offer a number of books on scrapbooking and preserving family memories. Teachers can use information to bring any subject to life for students -- family history, celebrating friendship, recording achievement, or exploring a new topic.

www.myfamily.com. A free, easy-to-use template for a private family website, including areas for news, chats, photos, and more.

www.myhistory.org. My History, 1-877-NEH-HISTORY. FREE guidebook filled with ideas for preserving your family's history including writing a journal, playing detective with photos, researching your family tree, and saving family treasures.

kclibrary.lonestar.edu/decades.html. A fantastic website with photos and historical information (e.g. fashion & fads, historic events, art, books, music, film & TV) on each of the decades of the twentieth century. Ideal for helping children explore, understand, and compare to the time their grandparents grew up.

www.rootsweb.com/~wgwkids. A great website for kids (and teachers leading classroom activities) to learn about family histories in general and their family in particular.

www.secretsofaging.org. When planners at the Museum of Science in Boston explored public interest in various topics, they were surprised to find aging as one of the top choices. The result is a $3 million traveling exhibition for all ages called "Secrets of Aging." It explores both the science and the experience of aging. The website includes information on the exhibit and where it will travel. It also has an interactive, online version of the exhibit.

www.seniorcorps.org. National Senior Service Corps (Corporation for National Service). 1201 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC 20525, (202) 606-5000. An opportunity for seniors to share their time and talents by becoming involved in Foster Grandparents, the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, or the Senior Companion Program.

www.somethingtoremembermeby.org. Website for the Something to Remember Me By Legacy Project (which includes free activity kits and ongoing contests), as well as information and award-winning books for grandparents, parents, schools and community intergenerational programs.

www.temple.edu/CIL. Center for Intergenerational Learning. Temple University, 1601 N Broad Street, Room 206, Philadelphia, PA 19122, (215) 204-6970. Fosters intergenerational cooperation and exchange. It runs a number of intergenerational programs and offers training, publications, and videotapes.

www.unt.edu/natla. National Academy for Teaching and Learning about Aging. University of North Texas, PO Box 310919, Denton, TX 76203-0919, (940) 565-3450. Promotes education about aging-related issues. It offers training, consultation, and resources for organizations, universities, and schools across the country.

www.wigglebits.com. A website that helps schools develop their own websites. A school website is a great place to publicize a Grandparents Day event before it happens, and report on it after it happens. Students can proudly show their grandparents the site, and can participate in adding content.


positivelyaging.uthscsa.edu. An interdisciplinary curriculum that helps teachers integrate lessons from aging research into their regular coursework. Enhances math, life and behavioral sciences, especially with regards to health promotion.

pr.aoa.dhhs.gov/naic. A central source for a wide variety of information, facts, and statistics on aging.

Toronto Intergenerational Partnerships. Danforth Collegiate, 800 Greenwood Ave, Toronto, Ontario, M4J 4B7, Canada, (416) 531-8447. A resource for Toronto and surrounding area schools interested in running a Grandparents Day event or developing intergenerational programs. They create, support, and coordinate programs as well as social, recreational, and educational activities, and provide resources and training.

From Grandparents Day Activity Kit by Susan V. Bosak ©2001

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