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Alphabet Album

What You Need: Color photocopies of family photos; heavier, 8.5 x 11 inch paper; scissors; tape; glue; pencil crayons or markers.

Doing It:

Here's a great gift idea for a grandchild to make for a grandparent -- a mini photo album of memories using grandma's or grandpa's given name, or just "grandma" or "grandpa."

Parents and children can sort through and choose some favorite photos of a grandparent (including some of grandparent and grandchild). Color photocopy the photographs. Cut each photo, cropping as desired.

For a 5.5 x 8.5 inch finished album, use several sheets of heavier paper, folded in half. Fold enough sheets so that one letter of the person's name has its own half-sheet. For example, for the name "Elizabeth," you would need 5 sheets total to make 9 half-sheets, plus one extra you can use as a cover. Open up all the sheets and tape them edge-to-edge to create a fan-folded booklet. If the person's name has an even number of letters, you can cut one half-sheet extra and tape it to the front as a cover.

In the center of the bottom of each half-sheet, put one letter of the person's name. Make the letters different colors and use flowers, hearts, or other designs to make each letter distinct.

Glue one photo onto each half-sheet that ties into a brief memory you can write out beginning with that letter of the alphabet. For example, a half-sheet with the letter "A" could be "Always smiling" with a photo of grandma and grandchild laughing together.

When you've finished each letter page, write out the grandparent's name on the cover and decorate it in any way you wish.

From Grandparents Day Activity Kit © Susan V. Bosak