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Hang and display this
3-D star to celebrate
your dreams

The process of creating a 3-D dream star that you later hang and display can help you identify what your dreams and goals are. It's something children and adults can do!

Start by choosing one dream or goal that's especially important to you. What would you like to try or do in your life? Do you have a hero or role model? What do they do that you would like to do? What do you hear about in the news that interests or excites you? What career do you think would be interesting or challenging? What would you like to do just for the fun or challenge of it? You can choose any dream you wish; it can be personal or professional, big or small.

To make your 3-D star, you'll need two copies of the
star pattern (each copy is one half of the finished star).

Decorate both sides of your star using words, pictures, and colors related to your dream. The idea isn't to write out the actual dream or goal you've chosen, but to include words, pictures, and color combinations related to your dream that inspire you. For example, if your dream is to skydive, you might draw a picture of an airplane, write the word "free!", and include bold, bright blue streaks to evoke the sky. For maximum 3-D effect, alternate light and dark colors. As you're decorating the sides of the star, be sure you can still see the guidelines for folding.

To construct the finished star, cut out both star copies. Fold back all the flaps. Carefully crease along the interior lines of each copy so that the points of the star pop out. Make sure your creases all meet at the center of the star.

Put a small piece of double-sided tape on each flap of each half of the star. Put the two halves together so that each flap is attached to the inside of the other half of the star. Be careful not to crush the star as you're putting it together (you may have to puff it out when you're done). Glue a loop of gold string to one point on the star so that you can hang it when it dries.

Hang the star in a special place to remind and inspire you to strive toward achieving your dream.

You can also do this activity in a group (e.g. a classroom, a youth group). Each person makes their own dream star. Then, people take turns guessing the dream behind each person's star using the words and pictures on it as clues. Sharing your dream in this way helps make it seem more real.

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Star Pattern

Star Pattern
  (PDF requires
  Adobe Acrobat)
  (2 copies required
  to make 1 star)
Pencil crayons
  and/or markers

Double-sided tape
Gold string


Schools (art; social
  studies; math)
Youth groups