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Create the next page in your life story

The first line in the award-winning book Dream: A Tale of Wonder, Wisdom & Wishes by Susan V. Bosak is, "I started out just like you." This reminds us that no matter what our differences, we are all very much the same – we have the same hopes, the same fears. No matter what our background, culture, nationality, ethnicity, human beings are in so many ways more alike than unalike.

The last line in Dream is, "Dream a dream... your very own dream." Each of us is also unique. Each of us has something a little different, a little special, that we can offer to the world that no one else can. What makes you unique? What important dream do you have for yourself, your community, or our world?

If there were a next page in Dream, it would be your dream. Finish the book by creating a page with words and art that communicates your own dream or goal. What's your vision of the future – your future. Each of us has a life story, and it's up to you to decide what comes next in your life story.

Next Page artwork by students at St. James School
3-D paper artwork about a dream for a greener world by student at St. James School
Perspective artwork about a dream to explore the world by student at St. James School

Choose a few evocative, descriptive words or write a short poem about an important dream or goal you have for yourself or our world. Carefully print your dream onto a large sheet of paper.

Each illustration in Dream has been done by a different artist using a different style and a variety of mediums – chalk pastel, oil, watercolor, acrylic, collage, colored pencil, pen-and-ink, plasticine, digital. Artists were specially chosen to create a distinct mood that relates to parts of the story in Dream and parts of life. For example, the baby page is done using soft chalk pastel to evoke a cozy mood. Which style and medium do you like best? Why?

Look through Dream for inspiration; then create an evocative illustration for your dream or goal using the style, medium and colors of your choice.

Bring your dream alive! Finish the story as only you can – because it's your life story.

© SV Bosak, www.legacyproject.org


Large sheet of paper
Crayons, pencil
  crayons, markers,
  glitter glue, other
  art supplies


Schools (language
  arts; art; family/life
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