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Are you a Practical, Dynamic, or Creative Dreamer?

The award-winning bestseller
Dream reveals the secret to achieving a dream...

You need
the Believe of childhood,
the Do of youth,
and the Think of experience.
You need all three.
There's the wisdom to fill a tooth,
simple and not so simple all at once:
Believe, Do, Think.

The text is based on social science research that has looked at how human beings achieve their potential and reach goals. If you survey the literature and boil it down to its essence, you get Believe, Do, Think.

At the most basic level, to reach for a goal you have to believe in yourself and have the courage and confidence to move forward. Then you need to do something, to take action. But you can't just do anything -- it has to be thoughtful and focused. You need to think through a plan.

Believe, Do, Think isn't a strict sequence. When you reach for a goal, you move from one to the other as you work through the process.

Each of us tends to lean more toward one of the three parts of the process. Some people tend to be strong in believing and having confidence, but weaker in taking action and coming up with a plan. These are Creative Dreamers. For others, action is their strong suit, but they run out of steam quickly and don't give their actions enough thought. These are Dynamic Dreamers. And for others, they may think and analyze too much, without putting their ideas in action and really being passionate about what they're doing. These are Practical Dreamers.

Inspired by the text, illustrations, and quotations in Dream, we've created a Dreamer Profile to help you uncover what kind of Dreamer you are. Print and complete the Dreamer Profile sheet.

After you go through the sheet, click here to find out
the answers.

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Dreamer Profile Sheet

Dreamer Profile

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