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What matters to you? It's time for meaningful new ways of being and doing across generations, looking to the future while learning from the past.

As all generations come together to support mutual wellbeing and making a difference, this is about YOU – Young and Old United in 1 world with more than 7 billion people across 7 generations (YOU 177).


The 7-Generation initiative in Markham is rippling out at an important moment in time when we're all facing uncertainty – from climate change to the economy.

The Legacy Project has brought together a community collaborative that includes the City of Markham, Markham Public Library, Social Services Network, and York University.

Young and Old The 7-Generation initiative is rooted in an Indigenous concept of holistic long-term thinking across seven generations, while at the same time reflects the modern context of a historic demographic shift to more living generations. For the first time ever, you are likely to personally know seven generations in your family and/or community: your own generation; three before you (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents); and three after you (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren).

There's comfort, insight, and power in this ability to connect more generations than ever before. Anthropologist Margaret Mead found that these kinds of connections between generations are "essential for the mental health and stability of nations."


The 7-Generation initiative celebrates people and place in the context of lifetimes across generations.

7-Generation Markham is serving as a glocal (local connected to global) leader for the "Greater Tkaronto (Toronto) Bioregion" (GTB). Bioregionalism recognizes that we are grounded in place, specifically our bioregion. The GTB has been chosen to be part of the newly-created global Bioregional Network. This is about social regeneration (generations in community) and ecological regeneration (community in bioregion) – a new way to be and do for the long-term wellbeing of all generations.

Generations, together with community leaders, researchers, and thinkers, are exploring seven broad themes:

Intergenerational Activities There are a variety of opportunities (many virtual) for everyone – events, discussions, sharing reading and books, story and wisdom workshops, contests, learning experiences, and legacy projects. Meet people of all ages and backgrounds, locally and from around the world.

Starting soon is the Talk With Ethan discussion series, a kick-off to intergenerational dialogues throughout the community.


There are a lot of things happening right now in people's lives and in the world. It can be overwhelming and difficult for anything to make sense.

The best way we can make sense of things is together. Share your stories and experiences as we connect the dots to the stories of others and to the big issues.

7-Generation Sensemaking You can be a community sensemaker – also known as a Citizen HJP (Historian-Journalist-Philosopher connecting past, present, and future).

Using Warm Data (International Bateson Institute in Sweden) and the SenseMaking process (Cynefin Centre in the UK), which are simple enough for all ages and abilities, you can help connect the dots. Connect your life story to the stories of other lives/life on the planet in the even bigger context of lifetimes across generations. It's about personal learning and collective sharing. We can make new sense – so that we can act in ways that make good sense.

Together, we can #ChangeTheStory for our own wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of our families and local/global community.


Check out the exciting things happening as part of 7-Generation Markham. To get on the e-mail list or ask questions, e-mail the Legacy Project or call us at (905) 852-3777.

7-Generation The Legacy Project's 7-Generation initiative is bringing generations together in meaningful ways of being and doing. We all live our own life story. But we can get stuck in little stories. Connect the dots to #ChangeTheStory in a big way.
Talk With Ethan Diane, 84, is ready to talk with Ethan, 16 – check out the video. Are you? Ethan is inviting all generations to join him in a People & Place series that will include virtual discussions and an in-person community Design Lab. E-mail to find out more about the Talk With Ethan: People & Place series.
Elders-in-Residence Become an Elder-in-Residence for local students – there are both in-person and virtual opportunities. In Indigenous cultures, elders are valued. They are an integral part of the community. Our goal is to make elders an integral part of every school.
Events Check out upcoming 7-Generation virtual events and workshops. They are both inspiring and thought-provoking! Connect with others, enjoy lifelong learning experiences, help create a story of change. What matters? How can we make sense in uncertain times? What's y/our legacy?
Listen to a Life Contest Connect young and old in your family, school, or community. The annual Listen to a Life Story Contest changes lives. It's open to young people 8-18 years, who interview a grandparent or grandfriend 50 years or older to write a 300-word story.
Table Talk The handcrafted Legacy Table at The Cedars is a place to discuss the big stuff. We gather to connect and share, learn and create, challenge and reflect. New insights and ideas emerge from the Legacy Table. Stay up-to-date and inspired with our Table Talk blog.
Legacy Links What if your life story could change the world? In fact it does, in little ways every day. Start connecting your story to a bigger story. Legacy Links is our new life review process. It's a journey of self-discovery, and a way to share the most important parts of yourself.
Legacy Projects Legacy Projects are the thoughtful, strategic actions you can take – a bridge toward a 7-Generation world. They are as varied, creative, and powerful as the more than 7 billion people on this planet. Take whoever you are and make it bigger, more meaningful.
Climate Solutions Parks Working with York University, the first large-scale 7-Generation Legacy Project is a series of parks creating real world solutionscapes – inspiring natural sites, a living lab, and a community leadership institute for all ages bringing possibilities alive.
Local to Global

Markham has connected with Barichara so that people of all ages in both communities can get to know each other. As a response to climate change, the Barichara Living Lab can inspire and inform how to #ChangeTheStory around relationships in community and to the land.