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With Science Is..., children have fun while they learn by doing -- from rainy day amusements, to outdoor explorations, to kitchen experiments, to family-time games and science fair project ideas. This award-winning bestseller is the BIGGEST and BEST collection of science activities for children from preschool to high school.

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Science Is...

Science Is...

"This book belongs in every home.... The definitive motherlode book to turn children on to the adventure of science. We simply cannot say enough about this incredible book."

Childsplay Magazine

"Very accessible for parents.... Sure to spark everyone's interest."

Science & Children,
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

"Enough exciting and informative activities to help your child (maybe even you) learn the basics in all areas of science.... Absolutely one of the best science books you'll find!"

The Home School Source Book

"A wonderful book.... Filled with games, crafts, projects, and 'backpocket activities'.... Science is fun, and this book is for all adults who work with young people."

The Leader (Boy Scouts)

"An excellent resource. We highly recommend it and use it in our national trainings."

Girl Scouts of the USA

"An innovative book.... Youngsters will be intrigued by the exciting activities crammed into this book."

Today's Parent

"Filled with information and activities to get kids excited about science.... The easy-to-manage projects are the perfect answer for 'what's there to do?'."

All About Kids

Here's your answer to all the questions children ask and all the wonders they want to investigate -- from the marvel of a raindrop on a leaf, to the power of a volcano, to the mysteries of the universe. Science Is... is a terrific value that takes children through years of thought-provoking adventures.

Doing science activities with children is also an important way for you to contribute to their education. Too many children get "turned off" science because there isn't an interested adult encouraging them in this area. You can make a big difference -- and maybe even learn a little something yourself along the way!

Science Is... is filled with over 450 activities, projects, games, puzzles, and stories. You don't need any background in science, and you can use readily-available, inexpensive materials around the house. Most of the time you'll be having so much fun that you won't believe you're doing "science." Learn how to make gigantic bubbles or a mini volcano; build amazing rockets and paper airplanes; put on a play that shows what happens to a hamburger when you swallow it; go stargazing; do a bee dance.

Just updated, this award-winning book covers all areas of science -- the human body, the environment, rocks, plants, animals, insects, weather, stars and planets, energy, and technology. Activities range in length from the popular Quickies to projects you can do over several days or weeks. Easy-to-follow explanations, lots of engaging cartoons, and fun facts -- did you know that a cockroach can live for nine days without its head? -- make this a book you'll turn to again and again. It's an incredible value!

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Science Is...:
A Source Book of Fascinating Facts, Projects and Activities

by Susan V. Bosak, MA
515 pages, black-and-white line drawings, softcover, $29.95 US ($34.99 Canada)

Also available in French (Supersciences); for information contact: Chenelière McGraw-Hill, 7001 boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec, H2S 3E3, Canada, phone (514) 273-8055 or 1-800-565-5531.