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LifeDreams is one of the Legacy Project's three banner programs, along with Across Generations and Our World.

LegacyCubed is a powerful life tool for all ages and a catalyst for social change. There are three levels to evolving your legacy through your life: personal (LifeDreams), interpersonal, and community.

LifeDreams explores personal development and creating your life. What are your goals – what would you like to be, do, learn? How can you achieve your goals? What can you learn about your own hopes and dreams and those of others? How can you be the best you can be?

A key resource for the LifeDreams program is the award-winning bestseller Dream. A one-of-a-kind collaboration, Dream combines contemporary art from 15 top illustrators with thought-provoking quotations from historical sages and a multilayered poetic story about hopes and dreams across a lifetime. The book has won a remarkable 11 national awards, including an International Reading Association Children's Choice, a Teachers' Choice, an iParenting Award, and the Pinnacle Award as Best Gift Book.

Fanning out around the core of the Dream book are a variety of LifeDreams components. These include LifeDreams literacy and goal-setting activities, guides, essay contests, school presentations, and workshops. Many of the resources are free on this website.

If you're a parent or grandparent, there are engaging activities and ideas for opening thoughtful discussions with children and teens about dreams and goals. For teachers and youth leaders, there are learning springboards into a number of areas, from literacy to character education to life skills. If you're a leader of a seniors program, there are ideas for encouraging elders to set new goals and mentor the next generation.

You're never too young or too old to dream! And the world needs more Dreamers – because they're the people with the creativity and courage to make a difference. No matter what stage of life you're in, LifeDreams takes you to the next step with inspiration, insights, and information on living your dreams and making a difference.

Start your LifeDreams journey:

>>>  The award-winning Dream book

>>>  Free online LifeDreams activities

>>>  Free online Begin and End with a Dream activity set

>>>  Free online LifeDreams guides

>>>  Printed Life Interview Kit

>>>  Dream Illustration Slides

>>>  Dream CD

>>>  A Reading of Dream DVD

>>>  How to Teach Literacy Like a Dream DVD

>>>  Let the whole world know – "I'm a DREAMer" pin

>>>  Dream posters

>>>  Listen to a Life Contest

>>>  Share the Dream on YouTube

>>>  Connect Your Community

>>>  Dream Exhibit

>>>  Dream Discovery school presentations with Dream Chain

>>>  Workshops

>>>  Create your Life Statement

>>>  Visit the Legacy Center

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