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Across Generations

Across Generations is one of the Legacy Project's three banner programs, along with LifeDreams and Our World.

LegacyCubed is a powerful life tool for all ages and a catalyst for social change. There are three levels to evolving your legacy through your life: personal, interpersonal (Across Generations), and community.

By the year 2030, 1 in every 5 Americans will be over 65. We're living longer than ever before. This creates the potential for rich intergenerational connections across seven or more generations: your own generation, three generations before you – parents, grandparents, great-grandparents – and three generations after you – children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Across Generations explores our connections with others and, in particular, encourages closer relationships between generations. How can we grow up and grow old with meaning and dignity? How can we celebrate the unique, special relationships that can be forged between young and old, and bring the generations closer in our families and communities? How can these relationships make a real difference in individual lives and in communities?

Key resources for the Across Generations program are the award-winning bestsellers Dream, a story that shows you're never too young or too old to dream, as well as A Little Something, a story about love and legacies across generations.

A Little Something is a true story that has touched the hearts of children and adults across the country. In addition to being a heartwarming gift book for children, grandchildren, mothers, and grandmothers, it's a thought-provoking intergenerational resource used in classrooms as part of family history and memoir writing lessons.

Dream is about hopes and dreams across a lifetime told by a wise old star grandparent or mentor figure. A one-of-a-kind collaboration, Dream combines contemporary art from 15 top illustrators with thought-provoking quotations from historical sages and a multilayered poetic story.

Fanning out around the core of the A Little Something and Dream books are a variety of Across Generations components. These include intergenerational activities, guides, essay contests, school presentations, and workshops. Many of the resources are free on this website.

The Legacy Project has also partnered with Tulsa, Oklahoma, on an Across Generations Legacy Community Building model for cities across the country.

Relationships across generations make us feel connected. They make us feel connected not only to each other, but to something bigger – to the flow of life, to the past and to the future. In this hectic, high-tech world, we need this sense of connection. In fact, we crave it. It helps us understand where we've come from, who we are, where we're going, and why we're going there.

In connection there is contentment, purpose, and meaning. Children come to understand the world better, older adults have a sense of purpose in the world, and the world itself is made whole. We are connected by the legacies passed down from those who came before us and the legacies we pass down to those who come after us. One of our best hopes for the future is to pursue opportunities and programs that bring generations together.

Start your Across Generations journey:

>>>  The award-winning book A Little Something

>>>  ALS/STRMB Illustration Slides

>>>  Practical ideas in How to Build the Grandma Connection

>>>  The inspiring bestseller Dream

>>>  Legacy Community Building

>>>  Free online Across Generations activities

>>>  Free online Across Generations guides

>>>  Intergenerational Activities for Dream

>>>  Grandparents Day Planning & Activity Guide

>>>  Complete, printed Across Generations Activity Kits

>>>  Printed Life Interview Kit

>>>  Across Generations AudioWorkshop

>>>  Across Generations Certificates

>>>  Listen to a Life Contest

>>>  Connect Your Community

>>>  Dream Exhibit

>>>  Dream Discovery school presentations with Dream Chain

>>>  Caregiver Workshop

>>>  Create your Life Statement

>>>  Visit the Legacy Center

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